Sunday, January 30, 2011

Winter Woes

A month ago Southern Californians were getting ready for the holidays while dodging the buckets of rain that drenched the Southland. Temperatures dipped into the 30s and winter arrived early.

Glad that’s over. Okay, I realize the recent springtime conditions were probably Mother Nature’s way of teasing us, since we had a little rain Sunday and there is likely more winter weather ahead. Even if the 80-degree days with crystal blue skies were only temporary, I’m ready for spring. It’s hard not to look ahead after weekends of wearing shorts, barbecuing in the back yard and driving around town with the top down on my convertible.  I’m ready for Friday nights at the Tiki Bar.

Naturally, I think that’s the way most of us sports fans feel about this time of year. With only the Super Bowl remaining on the football schedule, this is the most boring time of the year. Baseball’s spring training is still more than a month away, and both college basketball and the NBA are in the middle of the most tedious and meaningless parts of their respective schedules. At least last year we had the Winter Olympics to keep some of the monotony away. How many days until pitchers and catchers report?

I’m not complaining (okay, maybe a little). It’s this way every year, and it’s silly to whine when there really is so much to do around here and the weather is great. When we have rain, cold and no good sports, then winter isn't much fun. Either way, I'm definitely glad to be living in Southern California...

One thing I’m not doing this winter for the first time in 16 years is watching at least one of my sons prepare for an upcoming baseball season. I admit it’s not been easy. Even last year, when Sam eventually transferred his attention to volleyball, he was still taking daily batting practice and focused on baseball in January and early February. But his attention is elsewhere this year, for the right reasons. He’s doing the things that matter to him.

And completely aside from sports, one thing clearly weighing on his mind is graduating from high school. I know he’s excited about headed to college next year, wherever that might be, but I also suspect he’s a little sad realizing his four-year run at Claremont High is about to end. No question he’s enjoyed CHS. We’re all hoping the next chapter reads as well as this one. Naturally, Beth and I continue to think about his college choices daily. Sam would rather wait until all the notifications come in and he can decide among those universities that want him.

He doesn’t know it yet, but he has a lot to look forward to, no matter where he decides to go to college. His summer is already almost full, with hopes for a summer job wedged between several summer trips. And that doesn’t event take into account his and the other graduation parties that await. Yeah, it will be a fun summer for all of us. For now, I’ll just look forward to the seasonal opening of the Tiki Bar instead.


Anonymous said...

Sporting doldrums indeed! Thanks for the great post.

R W Rawles said...

I am only commenting on this to bookmark your pages. I'll be back later to read.