Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Blogged Down

It was about this time last year that I decided to try out the idea of blogging. This blog was born as a way of sharing news about family and friends, and to express my opinion about a few things on my mind. It was pretty fun at first, and I built up some momentum.

Then the comments started to come in. That wasn’t bad, but then they started coming from people I don’t know. That was kind of cool – to a point.

But about five months into this thing it hit me. In this world of social networking and personal postings, nothing is private. More than anything, that kind of bothered me. Somebody I barely know came up to me and told me they read my blog and offered an opinion on something I wrote. Then a few other distant acquaintances mentioned they had been reading my commentaries. You’d think that would inspire me to write more. But instead I shut down.

I’m really not interested in sharing with the world everything I’ve done or that I’m doing. You’ll never find me posting my status on Facebook to let you know I’m headed to lunch or that I’m glad it’s Friday. Seriously, who cares? So when I started writing this, I really didn’t have the masses in mind (not that I have a readership that compares to Aston Kutcher’s Twitter following).

But I like to write. Even if I originally intended my target audience to be relatively small, I realize that isn’t how these things work. I get it. So I’ll take another stab at it and see where it goes. I’m not a reporter working for a daily media outlet, so it’s impossible to follow their lead and post daily updates. And I don’t have the time to write long feature stories. Plus, it’s enough trouble to maintain the Claremont Baseball Web site and my fantasy football league site, along with keeping up with my pals on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

I’ve got some material already in the can, but I’m still not sure if I’ll post the already-written 15-part series recalling my college days at our own version of the “Animal House.” While those stories are great memories for all of us who shared those times, we’ve all grown up and aren’t the same guys we were 30 years ago. That series of stories might have to stay in the vault, but I’ll work on new material to keep this blog alive.

Thanks for reading.


Anonymous said...

Change the names to protect the "innocent" and you may have a book on your hands with all those animal house stories!

Looking forward to reading your blog again this summer.


Sid Robinson said...

yeah, but nobody was innocent from those days...