Thursday, May 21, 2009

How Do You Spell Relief?

Claremont High will get a little competitive relief when it moves to the Sierra League beginning in 2010. School principals from 42 schools in the Mt. SAC area have finalized their proposals today (see story), but the final re-alignment won’t be finalized until a vote by league representatives on Oct. 22. There are three proposals on the table, and all put Claremont in the Sierra League with Charter Oak, Chino Hills, Ayala and Damien/St. Lucy's high schools. The only question is whether the sixth team will be Glendora or South Hills. If it is South Hills, then Glendora will move to the Baseline League to replace Claremont. If Glendora stays in the Sierra, then South Hills will be moved to the Miramonte/San Antonio League and the Baseline League will be left with only five schools.

The move is intended to give Claremont some competitive relief
from the bigger schools in the Baseline League – especially in football and basketball – as was noted in this blog back in November. But the Wolfpack will still have its hands full in the Sierra League, and there will be more distance to travel. There are probably other local leagues where Claremont would be a better fit, but numerous other issues factor into the equation, making this the logical solution. The next time leagues will have the chance to shift will be 2014, so let’s hope this works.

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