Saturday, June 21, 2008

Happy 25th

Happy anniversary to Andi and Jim Moore, who celebrated 25 years on June 17. And to mark the occasion in style, daughters Megan and Karli pulled off a surprise party for their parents Friday at our house. This was one surprise party that seemed to work -- neither Jim or Andi confessed to knowing a thing. It was a good party, with plenty of their family and friends in attendance, including Mary Tracey and Kathy (Shacklett) Miller, who traveled from Cincinnati and Oregon, respectively, to be there, as well as Andi's sister Regina, who made the trip from Davis two weeks in a row to attend parties in Upland (last week was Karli's graduation party). The girls did a great job of organizing the event, and big thanks to the Bells and both Seligman families for their incredibly generous help with the beverages and food.... Jim and Andi were due to fly to Paris today by way of Zurich. Happy 25!

Check out the photos from the party.

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