Saturday, June 28, 2008

Not So Quiet Anymore

Not that a blog would suddenly become the hot spot for conversation, but this blog has gotten a little attention since the post a week ago regarding former Claremont High School baseball coach Mike Lee. The Quiet in Claremont column is generating a bit of a conversation. This wasn't intended to encourage a bitch-fest.

In the past week, this column has been picked up by the popular blog the Claremont Insider and referenced in the Los Angeles Times. Most recently, the Claremont Courier published the news, complete with quotes.
In truth by now, the story should have run its course.

I guess things don't stay quiet in Claremont for that long after all.

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Anonymous said...

Coach had a lot of support from the school and the booster club when he started but then they turnd on him after the season. Lots of people are saying its politics.He did a good job with conditioning and with our pitcher.I don't know why he gets so mad about uniform stuff but I know he is going to get another coaching job soon.

Anonymous said...

Nweberry Park - Strike One

Westlake High - Strike Two

Claremont - Strike Three

Renee said...

Sid, you have always been someone worth listening to!